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Review - Lenka - Lenka

Lenka - Lenka

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6 out of 10

"I'm just a little girl lost in the moment" says former actress, now singer solo-star Lenka on apt introducer, The Show the opening to her self-titled debut.

Given her indie-film CV, there's definitely a theatrical quality to this album, as it opens up like a play of life as the singer narrates stories, explores her thoughts and wishes, while all the time telling us where she fits in, in the world.

It can be incredibly girlie at times, due to the silky delicacy of some of the tracks such as, Skipalong when she gushes "You're like a sugar bomb" or self-declaration anthem Anything I'm Not, which mean it's unashamedly a chick album, but it is what it is. There's moments on this debut when Lenka manages to simultaneously echo the light sweet vocals of Regina Spektor along with the edgier emotional tones of Avril Lavigne at the same time, the latter sounds of course providing the 'coming of age' feel across this whole album.

Live Like You're Dying is less weepy but more a defiant warning, though the rhyming of "Dying" and "Trying" is a tad wearisome like the tones within the song. Looking forward in We Will Not Grow Old, Lenka's reflective sweet-pop resembles the closing titles of a movie in its resolving statement that lingers on once the story is over, marking the album's close too.

Pulling it off with true stage presence, the stage being the world and the world being a show as the album opener first suggested, it's clear there's a musical career waiting yonder - pun intended.


1. The Show
2. Bring Me Down
3. Skipalong
4. Don't Let Me Fall
5. Anything I'm Not
6. Knock Knock
7. Dangerous and Sweet
8. Trouble Is A Friend
9. Live Like You're Dying
10. Like A Song
11. We Will Not Grow Old

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