Thursday, 6 August 2009

Review - Ancient Astronauts - We Are to Answer

Ancient Astronauts - We Are to Answer

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9 out of 10

By heck, it's a long while since I've heard an album like this. I didn't even realise they made them like this any more! You remember back in the good ol' nineties, labels like Mo' Wax used to release albums by DJs and producers like DJ Krush and DJ Shadow that mixed styles and MCs at the drop of a hat? Well, this is just like that.

The majority of tracks are heavy funk laden hip hop, again of the type favoured by Mo' Wax - deep, funky bass, soulful vocal licks, laid back rolling beats - you know the style. A couple of tracks break it up a bit, introducing some laid back drum and bass to the mix, as well as the odd techno style bass squelches. The vocalists range from old school hip hop MCs (The Pharcyde) through Portishead-esque breathy singing (Phat Old Mamas) to the legendary reggae styles of Tipper Irie.

Laidback, soulful rap is the most prevalent style, but each of the tracks has its own identity. They all share the ability to get your foot tapping and your head nodding though, as well as a great summery chill out vibe.

They might not make them like this any more, but if this is anything to go by they really should. If you yearn for the good old days of hip hop, or just bemoan the rubbish that passes for mainstream rap nowadays then do yourself a favour and track this down, you won't regret it!


1. From the Sky
2. I Come Running
3. Classic (Featuring The Pharcyde)
4. Dark Green Rod
5. A Hole to Swallow Us (Featuring Phat Old Mamas)
6. Risin' High (Featuring Raashan Ahmad)
7. Lost in Marrakesh (Featuring Entropik)
8. All of the Things You Do (Featuring Tipper Irie)
9. Everybody
10. Seventh Planet
11. Oblivion (Featuring DJ Zeph and Azeem)
12. Surfing the Silvatide (Featuring Bajka)
13. Crescent Moon

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