Sunday, 31 May 2009

Review - CAKE - Motorcade of Generosity

CAKE - Motorcade of Generosity

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7 out of 10

A remastered release of their 1994 debut, Motorcade of Generosity sees Cake - sorry, CAKE - do the necessary and wave goodbye to major-labelhood (Columbia, in their case) before the release of next-album-proper later this year. Proudly eschewing genres, the band occupy a space all their own - although fans of fellow well-read freaks Barenaked Ladies, King Missile and the Tragically Hip should find much to enjoy. Leader John McRea spins a merry, sarcastic lyric or several, while the band play 'deceptively gentle' to a tee - particularly on Satanist hoe-down Pentagram ('Your feet are dry from the ashes of dead babies. . .' McRea croons, as the Good Ol' Boys twangle in the background). Witty, talented, imaginative, though-provoking music, in other words. It's no wonder the British music 'scene' hasn't registered their existence.


1. Comanche
2. Ruby Sees All
3. Up So Close
4. Pentagram
5. Jolene
6. Haze of Love
7. You Part the Waters
8. Is This Love?
9. Jesus Wrote A Blank Check
10. Rock n' Roll Lifestyle
11. I Bombed Korea
12. Mr. Mastodon Farm
13. Ain't No Good

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