Wednesday, 27 May 2009

News - Enter Shikari Remixes Online Stream

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Enter Shikari’s new album "Common Dreads" is released on the 15th of June and their new single "Juggernauts" is out this coming Monday (1st of June). In anticipation of the release the band has two remixes available. Here’s the press statement:

"Enter Shikari's front man and DJ Rou Reynolds had this to say about the choices of remixes for this particular single:

'A Local label to us and good mates who we thought could give Juggers a tidy dubstep mix; and that’s exactly what they’ve done! They’ve kept the feel good vibe of the track which isn’t really heard much in the dubstep world but I think it really works and sounds gorgeous.'

'We’ve always really looked up to Nero as drum and bass producers, and felt they could do a great job with Juggers. He really accentuates the euphoria of the tune and rivals any big dance floor club banger with this!'"

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