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Review - Anekdoten - Chapters

Anekdoten - Chapters

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6 out of 10

And so it is that a band in existence for eighteen years can be called 'the finest young prog band in the world today'. Mind you, this is Prog we're talking about (note the capital 'P') and time has a different meaning there. Anekdoten tick all the boxes, though; expansive songs (few on offer here are under six minutes in length), sweeping gestures (strings, guitars, piano - airy grandeur par excellence), fantastical imagery (mirrors, the sea, time, etc., etc.). You get the idea. There's little on offer here for the non-Elfin, mind, once you get over the very English Drake / Barrett vocal. It's a bit like stomping around an Arctic forest - the hugeness abounds and impresses at first, yet after a while things get a bit damp and your balls shrink in the cold.


CD 1:

1. Ricochet
2. The Great Unknown
3. From Within
4. In For A Ride
5. The War Is Over
6. Monolith
7. A Sky About to Rain
8. Every Step I Take
9. Groundbound
10. Gravity
11. When I Turn

CD 2:

1. Sad Rain
2. Wheel
3. The Old Man & The Sea
4. Nucleus (Demo)
5. Book of Hours (Demo)
6. This Far From The Sky (Demo)
7. 30 Pieces (Demo)
8. Prince of the Ocean (Demo)

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