Thursday, 28 May 2009

News - Alcopopular Vol. 3

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Submitted: "Alcopopular Vol. 3 - Compilation released 1st June 2009 on 'message in a bottle' format.

First it was a 3"CD, then a tape. and now the third in the series of DIY-indie pop label Alcopop Record's compilations comes released as a treasure map in a glass bottle. Featuring delicious exclusively (as yet) unreleased tracks from the likes of Pulled Apart by Horses, Apples, Paul Steel, Unicorn Kid, Stagecoach any more.. This physical bottle (all prettily stickered up in Alcopopular decor) arrives complete with ye olde map - leading you to the digitally downloadable booty
See - you can pretend to be a pirate and listen to some cracking tracks. Can't beat that me hearties!
Tracklisting is as follows...

1. Tellison - Wasp's Nest
2. Apples - Theo
3. David Gibb - The Oxfordshire Brigade
4. Stars and Sons - In the Ocean (piano version)
5. Town Bike - Cock Muff Bum Hole
6. Pulled Apart By Horses - E=MC Hammer
7. Stagecoach - We Got Tazers
8. Paul Steel - Psychedelia Smith
9. Unicorn Kid - Nuts n Milk
10. Arrows of Love - Prescriptions
11. Ice King of California - I Wouldn't Want To Do That All
12. The October Game - Cast These Waves
13. The Computers - Track Four

Although the compilation doesn't see the light of day until Monday, it was officially launched (into the sea) at Brighton's' Great Escape on a blustery, hungover morning - and a team of hardcore fans will be twittering daily reviews track by track each day starting from Tuesday 26th May."

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