Thursday, 11 March 2010

Review - Affordable Hybrid - No Area, No Criminals

Affordable Hybrid - No Area, No Criminals

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6 out of 10

"Fifteen tracks of rock and roll gold" claims the over excited PR blurb. Now there are two kinds of gold in this world. There is real, mined out of mountains, blood has been spilled in villages gold and there is Argos gold. Where about on that shit to gold scale Sweden's Affordable Hybrid sits is something that has been annoying me for weeks. They have an obvious love for all things "Swami" sounding (that's anything John Reiss has put his name to really) and a knack for bending your ear with a catchy refrain but the vocals seems to pull some of the aggro away from the music. Maybe that's the idea! I still don't know after all this time. Maybe I never will. But the vocals and harmonies almost act like this other side. The good side maybe. They just don't sit right with Oliver's ears.

I do still give Black Star Foundation kudos for the eco packaging though.


1. Jim Jones
2. Faces
3. Elvis Golden Records
4. Ego Blues
5. The Prison Song
6. Hell Of My Dreams
7. Shiny, Shiny
8. Speak To Me
9. Straight To You
10. If You've Got The Time
11. Still Can't Get Science Fiction
12. No Control
13. I Lost My Shoes
14. Dirty Old Hands
15. Visions

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