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Review - Ash - A-Z Vol. 1

Ash - A-Z Vol. 1

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6 out of 10

So they are doing this whole thing, right. It's like 26 singles yeah, it's because like, the album is a dying medium, right, so, like, this is JUST singles. It's like a reinvention of the concept album as concept singles.

It's also not bad, bordering on interesting. Ash have always been good pop song writers with fairly interesting lyrics & that's what this is full of, 13 well written songs that all sound slightly like another song.

There's a little bit of Erasure, a bit of Elton John (Tiny dancer era), a bit of Foo Fighters/QOTSA even a Belle & Sebastian moment. This variety is great on the production side of things, but all the choruses sound a little alike.

It's all very nice, but I miss the Irish punk upstarts so inherent on mini-album Trailer, growing up doesn't mean middle of the road guys. Every track is perfectly fine & gets the job done, but I want a little more from my music than that.

Also please stop singing in an American accent. It's incredibly annoying.


A. True Love 1980
B. Joy Kicks Darkness
C. Arcadia
D. Tracers
E. The Dead Disciples
F. Pripyat
G. Ichiban
H. Space Shot
I. Neon
J. Command
K. Songs Of Desire
L. Dionysian Urge
M. War With Me

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