Thursday, 18 March 2010

News - Blakfish - See You In Another City EP Re-Release

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Blakfish’s sold out EP "See You In Another City" will be re-released through Big Scary Monsters Recording Company on the 22nd of March. The CD will be limited to just 100 copies (in pop-up digipak sleeves) with any left after the final show at The Flapper in Birmingham tomorrow night being made available exclusively through

Track Listing:

1. Preparing For Guests
2. My Stomach Feels Like My Throats Been Cut
3. Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man
4. Make Your Bed And Lie In It
5. Carnival Carnivore

Bonus Tracks:
6. Leaving Home (Dirty import, 2002)
7. 22nd (myforteistimetravel, 2005)
8. Dead of a Soap Star (myforteistimetravel, 2005)
9. Captain Burns (Gold, Live, 2007)
10. The Curriculum Vitae of Uri Gagarin (COC demo, 2008)
11. Sh*t On My Face and Tell Me I’m Simon Cowell (Ringo demo, 2008)
12. Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man (Game version, 2009)
13. Charmer (Rollerskates b-side, 2009)
14. A Day In The Life (un-used b-side, 2009)

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