Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Review - Kaki King - Junior

Kaki King - Junior

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6 out of 10

Just looking at the song titles (and the album art, truth be told), it would appear that what we have here is the very worst kind of Emo schlock - all Jesus Christ poses and Clearasil. Thankfully, what we have is an album more reminiscent of the great Throwing Muses and Belly with, dare I say it, some guitar lines St. Richard Thompson wouldn't pass over during instrumentals of understated atmosphere (Everything Has An End. . ., for example). It makes for a refreshing mix - King's adequate-indie voice isn't overstretched - and pulls quite a Janus trick in its attitude to the future and the past. Let's hope she continues with the imaginative trip and doesn't get sucked in by any more Miley Cyrus jobs.


1. The Betrayer
2. Spit It Back In My Mouth
3. Everything Has An End, Even Sadness
4. Falling Day
5. The Hoopers of Hudspeth
6. My Nerves That Committed Suicide
7. Communist Friends
8. Hallucinations From My Poisonous German Streets
9. Death Head
10. Sloan Shore
11. Sunnyside

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