Sunday, 14 March 2010

Review - XodiacK - Shinra Bansho -Setsuri-

XodiacK - Shinra Bansho -Setsuri-

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3 out of 10

Oh, good. Another Japanese band marketing themselves as aliens. Or, in the case of XodiacK (note the use of capitals at the beginning and the end of the name - can't think where they got that idea from. . .), 'the ultimate inter-dimensional band' who play (Heaven help us) 'Galaxy Metal'. Watch any anime for about five minutes and you'll hear this kind of 'genuine innovation', probably while a giant robot turns into a schoolgirl with rabbit ears. Or something.


1. Sinra Bansho -Boutoku-
2. Kuroi Taiyou
3. Kiminifuru Zetsubo no Ame
4. Kimino Koe
5. MasK
7. Vorte-X-
8. Shinra Bansho -Saisei-
9. Kiminifuru Zetsubo no Ame Clip

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