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Review - Madness - Absolutely

Madness - Absolutely

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7 out of 10

Madness are often described as one of those 'perfect singles bands' - something decades of various 'Best of. . .' and 'Greatest Hits' packages has only emphasised. The time would appear to be ripe for a more complete reappraisal of the band's album output and live performance, therefore. Cue some sumptuous reissues. Absolutely, album #2 charting at #2 from 1980, has the gilt-edged classics (Baggy Trousers, Embarrassment, . . .Los Palmas 7), of course but its B-sides, rarities, videos and a second disc of live performance for the Beeb show Madness to be the complete package; danceable, hummable, thoughtful and provocative. This reissue will be snapped up by the nutty faithful, naturally, but others wondering just where the Madness came from and why they matter in 2010 should also jump in, feet first.


Disc 1:
1. Baggy Trousers
2. Embarrassment
3. E.R.N.I.E.
4. Close Escape
5. Not Home Today
6. On The Beat Pete
7. Solid Gone
8. Take It Or Leave It
9. Shadow of Fear
10. Disappear
11. Overdone
12. In The Rain
13. You Said
14. The Return of the Los Palmas 7
15. In The Rain (single version)
16. The Business
17. Crying Shame
18. That's The Way to Do It
19. El Regresso De Los Palmas 7
20. Swan Lake (live)
21. Release Me / Close Escape / Solid Gone ('Patches' flexi-disc)

Disc 2 (BBC Live in Concert):

1. One Step Beyond
2. E.R.N.I.E.
3. Mistakes
4. Disappear
5. Bed And Breakfast Man
6. The Return of the Los Palmas 7
7. Close Escape
8. Overdone
9. Not Home Today
10. Razor Blade Alley
11. My Girl
12. Take It Or Leave It
13. On The Beat Pete
14. Embarrassment
15. Shadow of Fear
16. You Said
17. In The Middle of the Night
18. The Prince
19. Baggy Trousers
20. Rockin' In A
21. Madness

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