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Review - Madness - 7

Madness - 7

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8 out of 10

Album #3 from 1981, Seven shows Madness at the height of their zeitgeist-melding powers. Mixing bounce-along musical merriment with lyrical darkness (how many pop acts today would begin an album with a song about someone having a heart attack?), Seven is an essential listen for anyone who still considers the band to be the pop-clowns of the Stiff and TwoTone era. Packaged here with relevant vids (Grey Day, Shut Up, It Must Be Love and the aforementioned Cardiac Arrest), a radio session and other rarities, it's considerably more than a cash-in - if you listen.


Disc 1:
1. Cardiac Arrest
2. Shut Up
3. Sign Of The Times
4. Missing You
5. Mrs Hutchinson
6. Tomorrow's Dream
7. Grey Day
8. Pac-A-Mac
9. Promises Promises
10. Benny Bullfrog
11. When Dawn Arrives
12. The Opium Eaters
13. Day On The Town

Disc 2:
1. Missing You (Richard Skinner Session)
2. Sign of the Times (Richard Skinner Session)
3. Tiptoes (Richard Skinner Session)
4. Memories
5. A Town With No Name
6. Never Ask Twice
7. It Must Be Love
8. Shadow On The House
9. In The City
10. Cardiac Arrest (12" extended version)
11. Grey Day (Live) (From NME 'Racket Packet' Cassette)

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