Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Review - My Luminaries - Order From The Chaos

My Luminaries - Order From The Chaos

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5 out of 10

Really? REALLY? We need more music like this? Quite frankly the combined output of Keane & Coldplay is quite enough overly grandiose stadium yawn I need.

There is nothing wrong with this album, there's some lovely arrangements & the vocals are nice, but my God is it dull & to me that's far worse. I'm sure all the middle aged media types who are the only people who can afford Glastonbury tickets nowadays, will eat this up, but for me, no, just no.


1. Order From Chaos
2. Welcome To The Family
3. Parasol
4. Ambition
5. A Little Declaration
6. Homewrecker
7. Clementine
8. The Sound Of Music
9. Heads Will Roll
10. The Firemen
11. Won

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