Monday, 12 October 2009

Review - Revengine - Plan Your Escape

Revengine - Plan Your Escape

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2 out of 10

First rule, EVER! Is never censor your own band. Revengine have whacked a parental advisory sticker on the front of this, as far as I can tell, self-released CD. And there isn’t even any swearing at all! Nothing! Except the use of the word "frak" in the second track.

If that’s not bad enough then they have the worst band name I have heard in ages, coupled with cheesy artwork and they are onto a winner.

With all this going for them, the music doesn’t even matter. But if you are bothered then its low rent, demo metal. Pandering to a hundred different directions but not pulling in a single one effectively.



1. Given It All
2. Treason
3. Live In A Moment
4. Fear me
5. Die For You
6. Turn To Stone

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