Monday, 12 October 2009

Review - Fieldhead - They Shook Hands For Hours

Fieldhead - They Shook Hands For Hours

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7 out of 10

To be brief, They Shook Hands For Hours sounds like Merzbow doing a chill-out album. Yes, it is that good - and disturbing. Minimalist without being minging, drone without being dirge, Fieldhead conjures up a variety of soundscapes to lose oneself in, like opening a door and suddenly being swamped by the cut-up soundtracks to late-night films. Suggestion - put Eraserhead on with the sound turned down and play this album while you watch. Or try Yellow Submarine. It'll probably even work its magic on Four Weddings and a Funeral.


1. This Train Is A Rainbow
2. Half Names
3. Document One
4. They Shook Hands For Hours
5. Of October
6. He'd Found The Sea
7. Songs Well Known
8. Broken
9. I'm Fond of Maps
10. Introductions

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