Monday, 12 October 2009

Review - Between The Screams - Our Last Days On Earth

Between The Screams - Our Last Days On Earth

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7 out of 10

It's always a surprise when something sounds better than you expected. I was rooting for this to pander to my expectations of post-hardcore/trendy metalcore bollocks, however Between The Screams have side stepped that quite well. Delving into a more cerebral vein of metalcore through long nights spent listening to early Isis and Envy by the sounds of it.

Opener "LHC" could have been taken of "Celestial" b-sides. That massive riff, the electronics and subs behind it all, cavernous drums and throaty roar certainly possess a punch. The rest of the album follows similar territory. Occasionally forays into more standard chugging and melody work and fail in equal measure, but the use of ambience and noise really helps lift it above a lot of similar stuff. Worthy of more investigation I reckon.


1. LHC
2. The Manhattan Project
3. Our Last Days On Earth
4. Blood Red Dawn
5. *
6. Catacombs
7. The Eagles Are Coming...
8. Hemispheres
9. Monument
10. Refuge
11. Light Breaks The Sky

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