Thursday, 6 August 2009

Review - Last Temple Orchestra - Last Temple Orchestra

Last Temple Orchestra - Last Temple Orchestra

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5 out of 10

Last Temple Orchestra's self-titled EP gets underway with gritty realism as they plead "Just don't give yourself away" on opening stomper Inside. The northern three piece's melancholic guitars prove their ambitious sound.

I Would Die For You, is a melodically gloomy number and pretty far from the high-pitched hit by Prince which has the same name, it's followed by the slower paced and upward looking, Two Lovers.

Surprising then when fourth track Kill Celebrity Kill kicks in somewhat heavier with circling riffs and vocals that combined with melodies evoke Queens of the Stone Age in parts, before closing number, The Midnight It Blinds descends to a darker place.


1. Inside
2. I Would Die For You
3. Two Lovers
4. Kill Celebrity Kill
5. The Midnight It Blinds

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