Thursday, 6 August 2009

Review - Foxes! - Who Killed Rob? (Single)

Foxes! - Who Killed Rob? (Single)

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7 out of 10

Don't let the exclamation in their band name put you off, Foxes! lush blend of boy-girl vocals are coated in retro keys and synth-melodies for daintily catchy indie-pop tunes. Who Killed Rob? the grim title falsely disguises the upbeat contents that ensue, courtesy of the vocal swapping between singers, Kayla and Adam Bell which narrate the jolly-come-sorry story of the title track.

While the Brighton based trio may be smaller in band size the vibes from the larger-numbered Los Campesinos! are detectable in this offering, along with ever so slight hints at the golden-oldie capers of 90s pop band Bis.

This three-piece sound like they have fun making their music, therefore ideal tunes for bopping to, perhaps amid summer sun at the sea-shore for atmospheric twee-empathy.


1. Who Killed Rob?
2. Bunnybrabbits (Chip & Dale)
3. Albania

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