Thursday, 4 June 2009

Review - Lemanis - The Truth About Push Me Pull You

Lemanis - The Truth About Push Me Pull You

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5 out of 10

There's much more to this Plymouth-based musical collective than the constant comparisons with the Beach Boys would suggest. There's a fair amount of Wall-era Floyd, for a start (Colosseum, Across the Bridge and others). Rub It When It Hurts comes across as a Fairport-style jig and it's from that point that the album starts to cohere into a more consistent prog-folkiness, a la the Super Furries - before closing with a childlike rock n' roll singalong from XTC undergoing yet another freak-out.

In short, this album is packed with ideas, imagination and imagery. Yes, the vocals can sound a bit frail at times but that's part of the charm - they are English, after all. An obvious candidate for someone's summer album of this year - not mine, particularly, but let's give it a few more listens. . .


1. Museum
2. Colosseum
3. Wishing
4. She Always Was A Dreamer
5. Go Blonde
6. Moon Song
7. A Witch's Dog
8. Rub It When It Hurts
9. Across The Bridge
10. Loving Her Forest When
11. Woodshop / It's Lovely To Have Money
12. Mr. Mills

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