Thursday, 18 June 2009

Review - The DoLittles - The Domino Effect

The DoLittles - The Domino Effect

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4 out of 10

1-boring 'clever ska' 2-radiohead-lite, not unpleasant 3-nirvana v lite 4-'the ballad' euch. 5-see 3 6-see 2. Another above-average sixth-form tribute band.

The DoLittles have been honing their sound in Taiwan since early 2006 and are poised to unleash it upon an unsuspecting Britain later this year. I wouldn't worry, though - it's a sound Radiohead perfected, dismantled and kicked aside years ago. Unfortunately for the DoLittles, this leaves them sounding like yet another above-average sixth-form band. The Domino Effect is a vaguely pleasant mirror on the recent past but the rest? Burning Hemingway somehow manages to make Ska sound pretentious. Secret Fire and All This Flesh attempt to rock things up a bit but thanks to the weak vocal don't really manage to do anything but trip over Billy Corgan's little toe. Let The Leaves Fall is 'the ballad' - least said about that, the better. Treading Water continues the Yorke and Co. worship. Need to DoMore.


1. Burning Hemingway
2. The Domino Effect
3. Secret Fire
4. Let The Leaves Fall
5. All This Flesh
6. Treading Water

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