Saturday, 20 June 2009

Review - Placebo - Battle For The Sun

Placebo - Battle For The Sun

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7 out of 10

So Placebo is back with their fifth studio album and a new drummer to boot! And Battle for the Sun is an eclectic album to say the least. To my mind they are borrowing sounds from other successful acts such as Muse and Biffy Clyro but attempting to use them their own way. Placebo are an individual band who have carved their own niche in the rock world, so it's a shame that whilst the music on this album is some of the best I've heard recently, the vocals and lyrics really let it down.

Brian Molko's vocals are unique to say the least but they're just too whiny for me. And the lyrical content is too much laboured on repeating the words to get the message home, take for example the title track Battle For The Sun, it think there are only four lines in it and it's a five and half minutes long. Fans of Placebo are in for a treat, fans of really good rock music are also if they can get past Brian.


1. Kitty Litter
2. Ashtray Heart
3. Battle For The Sun
4. For What It’s Worth
5. Devil In The Details
6. Bright Lights
7. Speak In Tongues
8. The Never-Ending Why
9. Julien
10. Happy You’re Gone
11. Breathe Underwater
12. Come Undone
13. Kings Of Medicine

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