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Review - Rotunda Films - Wasters

Rotunda Films - Wasters

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9 out of 10

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if that applies, writer/director Luke Rufo is sure trying to flatter Kevin Smith (Clerks).

On paper that sentence reads far more negative than I’d like to imply, expanding on the statement or rather putting it another way would be to say that Clerks is worn proudly on ’Wasters’ English sleeve, the premise is familiar but it’s sensibilities are truly rooted in the Midlands which give a fresh approach, not to mention this is a good 15 years after Clerks, fresh for a whole new batch of "wasters" and enough to feel like a hearty salute (as opposed to a carbon copy) to the original "clerk"

At it’s bare essentials ’Wasters’ delivers a heart felt lover story intertwined with a buddy comedy, the character list is short but strongly developed, you know these characters, you’re likely to be one of these characters, or at worst know somebody who resembles their traits. Sometimes they can be slightly stereotypical and caricatured but it’s more a flaw attached to the side characters.

Sticking to pretty much one location is a brave move, you need the script to deliver, fortunately ’Wasters’ delivers albeit in an over the top brash and blatantly disgusting manner, you get what it said on the tin and trust me, I’m reflecting this as a positive. I wouldn’t be surprised if Luke Rufo had experienced many of these conversations in real life because they felt extremely natural for a mid twenties midlander and considering I fit that demographic, I have a right to validate it.

The films not perfect by any means, maybe a tad long for it’s style and some of the ADR needs fine tuning but considering the likely minimal budget (this is an independent film after all) they achieved great success, an extra note must be made to the four main characters who were beautifully cast and had extremely legitimate chemistry, Amelia Tyler was particular outstanding and at times, truly hate-able.

Recycled premise, limited budget and lacking a big studio polish but you know what? Wasters shines through that with all the heart and genuine passion that any big Hollywood blockbuster could provide.

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