Sunday, 28 June 2009

Review - The Foxes - Lover, Killer (Single)

The Foxes - Lover, Killer (Single)

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4 out of 10

The Foxes have obvious boundless energy, like Razorlight on speed. Lover, Killer bounds at such a lick it seems to resent being confined to a plastic disc. It's also in possession of the most annoying guitar hook since . . . well, anything, ever - although I'm sure McFly would have something to say about that. Headlock begins with the hilarious line 'you can tell by the way that she washes her hair that she's cruel'. Unfortunately, this promising start dribbles out into something quite turgid. One feels sympathy with the girl in the song - I'd say I was washing my hair to avoid listening to this, too.


1. Lover, Killer
2. Headlock

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