Wednesday, 17 June 2009

News - 13 Star Recordings Sign Me And The Captain

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13 Star Recordings has signed Me And The Captain. Their self-titled debut EP is slated for a July 2009 release.

Words from the Captain and The Crew:

The band feels that this is a very promising opportunity and greatly look forward to working with 13 Star Records. When asked to retell the events of that history making day, first mate and lead guitarist Burt Bondy had this to say, "He basically tricked us. We were at McDonalds talking business and he got us drunk. We don't really know how, but when we woke up we were covered in toilet paper and had a copy of the contract lying beside us, signed and everything. It was totally unnecessary, but I guess they felt that it was, umm, we feel good I guess, better when we get our signing bonus."

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