Thursday, 6 August 2009

Review - The Stupids - The Kids Don’t Like It

The Stupids - The Kids Don’t Like It

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6 out of 10

After twenty-one years, we stumble yet again into what sounds like a rehearsal by that most English of metallic punkists, the Stupids. Their stall is set early on - 'there's no point in changing, 'cos all they want is the same old shit'. Thence into a riff which has surely been used countless times by Anthrax and the like. Maybe the Stupids came up with it first. Whatever. It all sounds like 1986 again, with the band 'sounding fresh and bang up to date'. Well, they certainly sound fresh; axes are sharp, drums thump insanely, vocals are suitably febrile. Don't fret, though - they still sound like a shedful of falling trains, reaching an apotheosis with Fragmented Interaction careering into Zero.

'I can't hear anything,' comes the moan from the studio at the close of prog-core monster Shagga, so the band kick back with an acoustic reprise of religious-rip God & Country. You're never quite sure when the piss-take stops. Perhaps they are up-to-date, after all.


1. Malcolm Bitch
2. Drumshop Arsehole
3. I Was Sexually Harassed
4. Remember Me Dismember You
5. Feel The Suck
6. Charlton Heston
7. Beach Dick
8. Middle Aged Punk
9. It's Not My Fault
10. Melt Me
11. Hate Hate
12. God & Country
13. Fragmented Interaction
14. Zero
15. Sons Of The beach
16. Shagga

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