Saturday, 1 August 2009

Review - Daniel Merriweather - Impossible (Single)

Daniel Merriweather - Impossible (Single)

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7 out of 10

Following on from two great singles Change and Red, Impossible just isn't as good, but still has its own merits. It is a slower burner than the previous two but has something more old school about it, like it could have come from Motown and it could have been sung by Stevie Wonder without a doubt there is a lot of influence right there in it. As always the production is top notch and the lyrics definitely have that 'singalongability'. Also on the single are two dance remixes which are not to my personal taste so difficult for me to be objective about them. However the Joey Negro remix is to me dull and sounds like he just wanted to put his tunes over Daniel's vocals, where as the Sticky remix is more in line with the original song and as such holds my interest a lot more despite it being overly long.


1. Impossible (Radio Edit)
2. Impossible (Joey Negro Remix Edit)
3. Impossible (Sticky Remix)

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