Thursday, 13 August 2009

Review - Castevet - Summer Fences

Castevet - Summer Fences

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6 out of 10

I always have respect for bands that try something different, step away from their chosen genre and branch out somewhat. According to the PR blurb for Castevet I should be into this then. They mix elements of hardcore, post-rock, punk, math and indie.

Well it's sorta like that. The more punk elements have that Hot Water Music gruffness to them when the very sporadic vocals do come in. While the more cerebral elements draw comparisons to something akin to Planes Mistaken For Stars less inbred and scary cousin.

Which is all fine really. Over the past year I have been witness to enough bad post-rock at gigs and on record. Bands that layer every guitar riff with delay and chorus to hide the lack of talent and idea’s. Well Castevet lay off the effects (thank God!), relying more on the old faithful quiet/loud dynamic build up. Layering instruments and harmonies rather than fancy effects. It works out well enough and picks up the album during the occasional lulls.

While not pushing the boundaries far enough or really making something to take notice of, it's a solid enough effort that deserves a listen to at least once.


1. Between Beyrun And Bryawum
2. Beating high Schoolers At Arcade Games
3. Plays one On TV
4. I Know What A Lion Is
5. Stranger You Know
6. Space Jam (The Return)
7. Evil Robot With Swords For Hands
8. When A Movie’s Made In France It's Called Cinemas

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