Sunday, 14 June 2009

Review - Voluntary Butler Scheme, The - Tabasco Sole

Voluntary Butler Scheme, The - Tabasco Sole

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7 out of 10

More beyond-the-stream-of-consciousness stuff from the West Midlands. You may feel as if you've stumbled into a dream involving the Bonzo Dog Band, Jackson Five and Beck, probably based on a series of interconnected clouds and talking musical instruments made of sugar and lard. Split introduces a banana-brained African groove, with Paul Simon floating by on an enormous, crystal bong. This EP contains more imagination in any random thirty-second slice than roughly 90% of the rest of the British music 'scene' put together. Losers no more, if there's any justice. The Oakey/Moroder cover's awful, though, but - that may be the point. . . who knows? Or dares to dream?


1. Tabasco Sole
2. Split
3. Tabasco Sole (Akrika the Don Remix)
4. Together In Electric Dreams

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