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Review - Swashbuckle - Back To The Noose

Swashbuckle - Back To The Noose

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2 out of 10

Pirate metal! One of those genres alongside chunky grind, hyper fast sludge and thrash pop that only makes sense in the context of whichever band is hiding under its banner. I once played a gig at some festival that had a pirate themed metal band playing. The vocalist’s mic stand had a ships wheel fastened to it and he had glued a plastic parrot on his shoulder. It amused me for all of 2 minutes until I had exhausted my supply of "pirate’s-of-men’s-pants" and "seaman stains" jokes/banter.

Swashbuckle mix metal/hardcore/thrash/punk or "crossover" as it's known by some people these days with these jaunty little (in their words) Caribbean/tropical parts that litter the track listing, which is pretty nice change from the one dimensional thrashing assault but becomes a bit boring and blatantly to obvious after a couple of them. That is the main problem with this record. It could easily be a decent metal/hardcore record without the pirate gimmick. I can imagine this is fun to witness live with the costumes and such but on record it becomes an uphill struggle after a few tracks and mostly a vertical crawl when you near the end. Monotony set in before the halfway point and I was skipping tracks pretty regularly. Shiver me timbers, roger the cabin boy etc. etc.


1. Hoist The Mainsail
2. Scurvy Back
3. Back To The Noose
4. Cloudy With A Chance Of Piracy
5. We Sunk Your Battleship
6. Rounds Of Rum
7. Carnivale Boat Ride
8. Rime Of The Haggard Mariner
9. Cruise Ship Terror
10. No Prey No Pay
11. La Leyenda
12. Splash-n-Thrash
13. The Grog Box
14. The Tradewinds
15. Attack
16. Peg-leg Stomp
17. Whirlpit
18. All Seemed Fine Until
20. Shipwrecked
21. Sharkbait

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