Monday, 1 June 2009

Review - Pocketbooks - Flight Paths

Pocketbooks - Flight Paths

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6 out of 10

Pocketbooks are Indie in the purest sense of the term, managing to distil the essence of many jangly-guitar wielders into their sound. So, you're either going to love their suburban tales of wist, wooing and wandering or want to introduce their faces to the nearest toilet bowl in a true Dennis the Menace / Walter the Softy stylee.

There's Hefner (Footsteps, All We Do Is Rush Around), there's the Cure (Cross the Line). There's the Beautiful South without the chips (Skating on Thin Ice). There's more than a smattering of the Wedding Present's lighter moments. There are some fey moments putting the Squeeze onto Orange Juice. There's an Estuary Ben Folds. You get the idea. They're Indie. With a capital 'aaah!' This debut shows great things possible - if a slight breeze doesn't blow them away.


1. Footsteps
2. Fleeting Moments
3. Camera Angles
4. The Outskirts of Town
5. Cross the Line
6. Skating on Thin Ice
7. Sweetness and Light
8. I'm Not Going Out
9. Every Good Time We Ever Had
10. Paper Aeroplanes
11. All We Do Is Rush Around

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