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Review - Faith No More - The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection

Faith No More - The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection

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8 out of 10

OK, so to start this off I have to point out that I am a massive Faith No More fan, so any best of collection for me is always going to have contentious choices. However this one is pretty good and really does show FNM in a good light. There have been a few of them already, but I'm only going to focus on this one rather than compare to others. Whoever chose the content for this one really likes Angel Dust because on CD1 eight of the eighteen songs are from it, this isn't necessarily a bad thing but a person could just get that with the other 6 excellent songs on it and leave this CD be.

Also, CD1 starts with The Real Thing which is a good song but is it worthy of a best of? And if the reason is because it the title of the 1st Mike Patton fronted album then where is King for a Day or Introduce Yourself which are both much better songs? A brief mention of the Chuck Mosely songs is why R'N'R and where is Anne's Song? Finally for CD1 if less Angel Dust songs were put on then single Last Cup of Sorrow could have been put on. Like I said this is a good representation, but misses out on a few really good songs such as Falling To Pieces.

Now CD2 is what would get long term fans like me happy about this collection, starting with b-sides Absolute Zero, The Big Kahuna & Light Up And Let Go all fantastic songs and hard to get hold of if you don't want to trawl ebay for the singles they were on. Also on CD2 are b-sides which only came with the original FNM Greatest Hits CD and if someone wasn't able to get a hold of that, then they are also a great bunch of songs. Furthermore there's the strange but entertaining song Das Schutzenfest and the real nuggets of this CD is Sweet Emotion and New Improved Song, which I had never heard either before reviewing this album.

Sweet Emotion released on a 1989 Kerrang cover appeared 2 years later in a different form as The Perfect Crime on the Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Soundtrack. And New Improved Song featuring Chuck Mosley on vocals appeared on a 1988 Sounds magazine cover and appeared a year later with Mike Patton singing on The Real Thing, ironically this was an even newer and more improved version but the name had since been changed to The Morning After. There are two iTunes exclusives in the form of Spanish Fly which I don't have, so I feel an online shopping trip coming on and the cover I Started A Joke, which really shows Mike Patton's vocal range is nothing short of awesome.



1. The Real Thing
2. From Out Of Nowhere
3. Epic
4. We Care A Lot
5. R'N'R
6. Kindergarten
7. Caffeine
8. Land Of Sunshine
9. Be Aggressive
10. Midlife Crisis
11. A Small Victory
12. Everything's Ruined
13. Evidence
14. Digging The Grave
15. Ricochet
16. Ashes To Ashes
17. Stripsearch
18. Easy


1. Absolute Zero
2. The Big Kahuna
3. Light Up And Let Go
4. I Won't Forget You
5. The World Is Yours
6. Hippie Jam Song
7. Sweet Emotion
8. New Improved Song
9. Das Schutzenfest
10. This Guy's In Love With You
iTunes Exclusive
11. Spanish Eyes
12. I Started A Joke

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