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News - We Can Try The Trees

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Between The Trees have added their new single called "We Can Try" to their MySpace page.

Here’s an update from the band about line-up changes and their new album:

"Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to send out an update as I know there are a million questions going around with the early leak of our video for the single of the new record "Spain".

As most of you may have noticed in the video, there is only 3 of us. The one missing from the picture is our good friend of the past 6 years and band mate for the past 4 years , Wes Anderson.

Wes started out on this journey with us just as a friend. He had no tie to Between The Trees other than just hanging out at practices and being a good friend. He was there as we began to write "The Way She Feels" off of the first record about 4 years ago and started to play some keys to it. We liked it, and from that day on, Wes was an incredible part of Between The Trees.

Thus far, we have had some amazing times as a band with Wes. However, being a touring musician can take a toll on anyone, and being away from home 250 days out of the year is tough. For some people, it makes the mind wander what else could be out there.

Wes has come to the decision that after the past 4 years, it is time for him to try something else. Leaving pretty much right out of high school for tour didn’t leave much room to explore other career opportunities. This is something that’s been weighing heavily on him, and so he’s decided to go in that direction. Whether it be college, a new music project, or anything in between, please support Wes in anything he does.

We all completely respect his decision and love him to death. We hate to see him leave, but in no way are angry or bitter towards him and neither is he toward us. He is one of our best friends, and still is. It could never be any different. This is just a decision that he’s been toiling with for a few months now, and it’s just something he wants to explore. We wish him all the best, and will be there for him no matter what.

As for the current state of Between The Trees, we’re going to miss Wes, but we are still doing extremely well! In no way whatsoever is this a foretelling of the band separating, breaking up, going on hiatus, or whatever you want to call it! This is only making us stronger and we will continue to be the same band, same guys, same songs, new record, and great things! Regarding fill in’s, we won’t be searching for any permanent members as we are happy where we’re at. We’ll have some friends fill in for us on tours, but won’t be making permanent member changes anytime in the near future.

The record titled "Spain" is set to come out with a strong release on August 11th, and we are all extremely excited for it! We won’t be touring in June as our bassist Jeremy will be getting married in June, but will pick right back up in July with a small run with the bands Goot, and What Happened in Vegas. The dates are listed below. After that, we have a few tours in the works that we’ll release soon.

Our single "We Can Try" drops for sale on iTunes on June 14th, but in the meantime, you can check out the video for the song on our mypscae page! Also along with those has come a brand new Myspace layout, a soon to be brand new website, as well as the album art being revealed!!!

It’s a very exciting time for us guys, as we’ve been waiting for the record to come out just as long as you. We are definitely over due and this record won’t disappoint!!!

Send Wes your love as well as us and we’ll be seeing you all soon!

Between The Trees
Ryan, Josh, and Jeremy

**TOUR w/ Goot and What Happens In Vegas**

7.10 Montage Music Hall - Rochester NY
7.11 The Vibe Lounge - Long Island NY
7.12 The Eldolyn Terrace - Altoona PA
7.13 Keynote Cafe - Jeannette PA
7.14 Peabody’s - Cleveland OH
7.15 Frankies - Toledo OH
7.17 Bulldog Cafe - Fairdale KY
7.21 Station 4 - St. Paul MN
7.24 The Soundlab - Mokena IL
7.25 Underground Cafe - South Bend IN
7.26 Hayloft - Mt Clemens MI"

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