Sunday, 14 June 2009

News - Punktastic Recordings Re-Launches

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Punktastic Recordings is re-launching:

"Punktastic Recordings is back after a 364-day sabbatical. From now on all releases - either digital or physical - will be released free of charge. I’m sure we’ll be saying more in the coming days and weeks...

364 days ago we stopped the label because it was no longer fun and it became more about $$$ than the music. 90 days ago I got a reminder that the domain name was due to expire. Then 45 days, then 30 days. I spoke to Andy and now we’re back.

I don’t want to say I think all music should be free and I don’t want to belittle or devalue those bands and labels who charge for music. However, the only way I could ever do this again was to remove the only variable I hated when running a business. Because of that every single release from now on will be FREE. And yes, we will still be releasing physical releases - they will also be FREE. We’ll just be inventive in the way we do things from now on!

I feel we have a good nose for talented bands. We’ve put out some fun records and had some good times and we’ve made some awesome friends. I’m excited to do it all again. So just to re-hash. We’re back - and everything from now on will be free!"

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