Friday, 12 June 2009

News - The Brute Chorus Hunt For Missing Guitar

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Submitted: "The Brute Chorus have announced a princely reward for the person who is lucky enough to find Nicks lost/stolen guitar with the first ever copy of their sublime as-yet-unreleased self-titled debut album.

It was last spotted being held by the bands guitarist Nick, during their show in Middlesborough on Sunday. The guitar was left at the venue after their set and was nowhere to be seen the day after when the crew returned.

If you dont find the guitar, but have seen it advertised for sale somewhere, such as eBay or in a shop window, the reward will still be yours. In the same vein as TVs Crimewatch information leading to the guitars recapture will also be eligible for the reward. The album isn't expected to be released until September, so its definitely worth keeping your eyes open for it!

Guitar details: Fender Telecaster Custom (early 70’s), yellow with a black fingerboard (see picture below), case is old and has a knackered handle, also left a black keyboard stand.

Any sightings should be reported to Emma Kelsey or Sam Kruger at the SKA offices on 020 8881 9774."

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