Thursday, 3 September 2009

Review - My Toys Like Me - Where We Are

My Toys Like Me - Where We Are

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7 out of 10

With the subtlety of a mild riot, the melodic and sporadic electronics of this quartet's debut seep into the mind and move things around almost unnoticed.

My Toys Like Me's front-woman Frances Noon sings in inquisitive tones, like a naive child looking at the world, only the imperfections outside their world described in the lyrics together with discordant beats display a rather clued-up, edgier attitude.

"You like to tell me all your secrets" the singer oozes in Sweet Heart, almost like a shy M.I.A mixed-up with a little bit of Tricky, whereas Grin & Wiggle is a softer anthem, with eerie synth tones that resonate below the surface like the muffled screams of a horror movie. These sounds begin to stir further, circling and ascending in the instructive Quiet Please.

Last track an apparent cover of Van Morrison's The Way Young Lovers Do, is almost unrecognisable as it creeps along enchanting before closing the album vibrantly.


1. Superpowers
2. Sick Couple
3. Sweet Heart
4. Barnaby
5. All Over My Face
6. Grin & Wiggle
7. Making Fire
8. Skylights
9. Quiet Please
10. Bats
11. The Way Young Lovers Do

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