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Review - Flood Of Red - Home , Run (1997) (Single)

Flood Of Red - Home , Run (1997) (Single)

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6 out of 10

It’s hard not to think Funeral for a Friend as you listen to Home, Run (1997), all of the elements are there; Post-Punk and Hardcore influences and a story of a small town childhood. However, this only serves as a point of reference from which to appreciate Home, Run (1997). Flood of Red have crafted a record which fuses a driving rhythm to a cinematic soundscape which adeptly builds to an emotional climax. The unambiguous mix tells a story of confusion and disillusionment "I am the black clouds", "the rain will never stop for me" which is equally suited for live performance crowd involvement and a weekend Rock disco Screamalong. If you got past the Funeral for a Friend reference without thinking, not for me, then Home, Run (1997) stands out from the background noise in this currently crowded genre and offers a glimpse of a band with potential.

Home, Run (1997) with be released on the 5th of October.


1. Home , Run (1997)

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