Thursday, 3 September 2009

Review - The Boxer Rebellion - Union

The Boxer Rebellion - Union

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7 out of 10

When listening to a band for the first time, I can't help but compare them to other bands I'm aware of. Never before have I heard a band, still with their own unique sound, have such a diverse amount of bands to compare to as The Boxer Rebellion on their latest album Union. From this album I can hear comparisons to bands such as U2, Doves, Radiohead, Elbow, Interpol and even Coldplay (just without a singer whose face you want to punch, repeatedly).

But like I say all these comparisons do not detract from the fact that The Boxer Rebellion does have their own brilliant unique sound. The tracks on Union have beautifully woven tracks of textured atmospheric music. As a consequence of the music though there are times where you can't here the vocals clearly and sometimes when you can they don't make a huge amount of sense. But on many of the songs the vocal melody is such that whilst a person may not be able to sing along, they certainly do have a lot of humalongability.

Add to this the guitar lines which are at times inspired you have an amazing album. Especially as the quality of the production is superb, which is also especially great considering they are an unsigned band. The album has many outstanding tracks but particularly epic are the ones at the start and end Flashing Red Light Means Go and Silent Movie.


1. Flashing Red Light Means Go
2. Move On
3. Evacuate
4. Soviets
5. Spitting Fire
6. Misplaced
7. The Gospel Of Goro Adachi
8. These Walls Are Thin
9. Forces
10. Semi-Automatic
11. Silent Movie

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