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Review - 505 Games - IL-2: Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

505 Games - IL-2: Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

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5 out of 10

A long standing hit from ye olde glory days of flight sims on the PC makes its debut on the console. Il-2 Sturmovik was bloody good but will its reputation make the switch intact?

First of all fact fans the name of this game comes from a Russian fighter/bomber which was the most produced plane of the war which seems like a strange premise on which to base a game, akin to renaming "Need for Speed" to just "Ford" I would suggest something like "Big hulking metal beast spewing death from above in your face" would be a better title but what do I know? Anyway, the game!

The graphics look good, really good as you plow through the clouds over some well constructed arenas, but once you start feeling smug and commence dive bombing some poor farmer's barn it all gets abit too blocky and pixelated. The game its self is nothing out of the normal get in plane, look for the cunning hun, shoot down said fellas then do abit of a barrel roll and head back to blighty for tea and scones. In short it is dull even with the vast amounts of planes and arenas to mess about with like the Battle of Britain to the Battle of Berlin, via the Battle of Stalingrad, the Allied invasion of Sicily, the Korsun Pocket. No I have no idea about the last one either and as much fun as whizzing over Kent in your Spitfire is the game suffers a massive amount of repetivity it got to a point where I just wanted to do anything except search for a plane or a boat to blow up and when you get to the level that you really want to an in game section starts where you get to shine your medals or steal the local air raid wardens bike you are only seconds away from switching it off. I can imagine that online play for this will be pretty nifty and the damage camera is a nice touch showing you exactly what part of some poor guys plane you and gunning at. Also the character you play in war diary was quite interesting and something I haven't seen done since "Wings" on the C64.

All in all its not a bad game at all especially with the prospect of online play but it's not something you are going to want to play all day, once you have completed it which is about half a day's playing its going to just gather dust on the shelf.

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