Sunday, 20 September 2009

Review - 4 Letter Holiday - Contentment is Happy Boredom

4 Letter Holiday - Contentment is Happy Boredom

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4 out of 10

Ah the unmistakable sound of the young, inexperienced band. It's not a bad sound, exactly, there's a definite charm in the innocence and clumsy production, not to mention the rather generic songwriting. And of course the influences worn proudly on the sleeve - probably at some point down the line those influences will be distilled down to a cohesive "sound" for the band, but at the moment there's the Oasis bit, the Clash bit, the Jimi bit. And so on.

It's hard to hate it because there's such a wonderful sense of enthusiasm and potential, but the music hasn't quite caught up yet.


1. Happy Bored
2. Wallbanger
3. Honeytrap
4. When You Get Back
5. Waterside
6. Contentment
7. Carefree
8. What I've Come Across
9. The Change
10. Headache
11. End of a Messy Night

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