Wednesday, 2 September 2009

News - The Desto - Harmony Of Discord

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The Destro’s new album "Harmony Of Discord" will be released on the 13th of October through Ironclad Recordings.

"On writing this new album we threw away multiple riffs going on in songs, we cut out any soloing and it's twice as heavy as our other material and totally focused" says guitarist Nick Emde. "As a guitarist I'm influenced by Napalm Death as they are completely fast, completely brutal with no filler but it leaves you satisfied."

Speaking on the new material Emde said " The new songs exorcise a lot of demons for the band. "Inbetween albums we just had a lot of trying experiences including deaths of family members, deterioration of personal relationships and general homelessness. Those negative emotions and experiences went straight to our writing to the point where I can honestly say playing these new songs completely release all those feelings for me" Emde reveals.

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