Sunday, 6 December 2009

Review - Rob Himself - Lost In New York (Single)

Rob Himself - Lost In New York (Single)

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5 out of 10

Mr. Himself is going for the real, emotional jugular on this Christmas single and it's for charidee, to boot, so let's get straight on with a fantastically relevant and appropriate review, shall we? There's no arguing with the worthy cause (Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital), so let's just say that without it, the song would rightfully remain on some dusty demo tape, somewhere. You could see it as an 'arm around your new best mate's shoulders on Christmas eve' acoustic sing-along - until it mentions cuddling up under a duvet and watching French & Saunders. Other than that, its dry stabs at McCauley Culkin and the Half Man Half Biscuit-alike guitar solo are the only frivolities worth spending your mortgage money on. But I'd still rather this be Christmas number one than the eXcrement-Factor favourite.


1. Lost In New York

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