Sunday, 6 December 2009

Review - Black Soul Strangers - Lies (Single)

Black Soul Strangers - Lies (Single)

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2 out of 10

First thought on these Donegal wunderkinds is not how mind-blowing their uber-lite Placebo sound is but how clean their trainers are. But there it is - in tiny print to the right of the photograph, 'Special thanks to Puma'. Puma, the band. What an accolade. Black Soul Strangers are a perfect embodiment of mass-market footwear, being ideal supermarket shelf-fodder next to the copies of Hello, Brain Cancer! magazine and special offer cans of wife-beater. If I think of what the Minutemen did with the amount of time this lot piss away here, I weep. Who let the kids outside? They ask. Surely the question is: Who let them in a studio?


1. Lies (Radio Edit)
2. Lies (Original Version)

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