Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Review - Eels - End Times

Eels - End Times

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7 out of 10

This one's dark, even for Mr. E. There are glimmers of light but the overall demo nature of the album makes for quietly grim listening. Tracks are cut short, roughly hewn. It's still beautiful, though - just not something to listen to at a party, if you get me. Maybe a party for one.

Listen: www.eelstheband.com

1. The Beginning
2. Gone Man
3. In My Younger Days
4. Mansions of Los Feliz
5. A Line In The Dirt
6. End Times
7. Apple Trees
8. Paradise Blues
9. Nowadays
10. Unhinged
11. High and Lonesome
12. I Need A Mother
13. Little Bird
14. On My Feet

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