Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Review - The Postmarks - Memoirs At The End of the World

The Postmarks - Memoirs At The End of the World

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7 out of 10

Quality 1960s soundtrack sounds with a 21st century sheen. The Postmarks have delivered themselves into the space occupied previously by the likes of the Cardigans and the Sundays. They even tip a wink towards Portishead on occasion but this is no hardcore trip-hop trip we're on. Oh, dear me, no. To be honest, I feel underdressed for this album - it seems to demand one is clad in one's Sunday best and heading out for a party on a yacht somewhere. Full marks for having a singer who looks like Avengers-era Diana Rigg morphing into Kate Beckinsale, though. And the theremin. You may not be cool enough for this album. You have been warned.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thepostmarks

1. No-One Said This Would Be Easy
2. My Lucky Charm
3. Thorn In Your Side
4. Don't Know Till You Try
5. All You Ever Wanted
6. Run Away Love
7. For Better. . .Or Worse?
8. I'm In Deep
9. Thorn In Your Side (reprise)
10. Go Jetsetter
11. Theme From "Memoirs"
12. The Girl From Algenib
13. Gone

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