Thursday, 18 February 2010

Review - Kill The Captains - Rummy (Single)

Kill The Captains - Rummy (Single)

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3 out of 10

This single is saved, as is often the way, by one of its B-sides. Title track Rummy lurches around, swinging an annoyingly atonal guitar and homeopathic dose of yelpy, Bloc Party vocals. Supermarket Sweep is written from the point of view of a mindless consumer intent on snagging a sales bargain at all costs - a twiddly acoustic demo where the vox nasally warbles around all the notes. Thank heavens, then, for Reverse Psychiatry. Here we have wonkoid pop to almost justify the mentions of XTC and Television in the PR blurb. There's even a bit of riffage and the vocals don't irritate the bowels. So, one out of three, then. They have an album out in May. . .


1. Rummy
2. Reverse Psychiatry
3. Supemarket Sweep

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