Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Review - Head Of Light Entertainment - I Am Liberated

Head Of Light Entertainment - I Am Liberated

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6 out of 10

In the grand tradition of English eccentri-pop (don't worry, I shall be shooting myself for typing that term at the end of this review), Carl Green a.k.a. Head of Light Entertainment has crafted an albumic distillation (yes, that one deserves a stabbing, as well) of adenoidally arch popular songsmithery (Jesus). Your aural waypoints are; Sparks and Squeeze, with a sizeable dose of 1970s children's TV tuneage. Nowt wrong with that.

BANG. . .


1. Only Chase What You Can Catch
2. I Cannot Speak Japanese
3. Lady Godiva's Horse
4. I Am Liberated
5. Audacious Audacity
6. Swan Around
7. Poor Agynes
8. We Share The World With Monsters
9. The Don't Care Home
10. The Face of a Girl
11. Ghastly

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