Friday, 12 February 2010

News - Envy On The Coast - LowCountry

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Envy On The Coast will release their new album "LowCountry" on the 30th of March through Photo Finish Records. In anticipation of the full-length the group have added two new songs called "Numb" and "Devil’s Tongue" to their MySpace page.

Track Listing:

1. Death March on two, ready?
2. The Devil’s Tongue
3. Headfirst in the River
4. Puritan Dirt Song
5. Laugh Ourselves to Death
6. The Great American t-shirt Racket
7. Southern Comfort
8. *
9. Like I Do
10. Numb
11. Made of Stone
12. Clean of You
13. Bad News
14. Spinal Cords
15. Clergy
16. Company of Men

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