Thursday, 3 June 2010

Review - Sun Dial - Sun Dial

Sun Dial - Sun Dial

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2 out of 10

I would never have linked the band I am listening to with the band on the PR sheet. Did I get something mixed up? The PR sheet band have been going since the early 90's, were a critics favourite for their mix of shoegaze and garage rock and received quite a bit of press. That band sound ace. The band on the CD, don't. Sub-Hetfield, hernia inducing strained vocals warble over the top of some very lame riffs.
I do still think it got mixed up somewhere and I got sent a demo by some terrible garage metal band. I also know that is pretty unlikely and that they really are this bad.


1. Storm Coming
2. Lock And Load
3. You're The One
4. No Mercy
5. Never's The Right Time
6. Double Cross
7. Zodiac
8. No Coming Back
9. Kill For A Killing
10. Wrong With You
11. Down in Flames
12. Radio
13. The Bridge

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Anonymous said...

It IS unfortunately the same band. I've loved Sun Dial for years and every album they've done, with the possible exception of 'Libertine', though I don't mind it, has been a psych-rock classic. Gary Ramon has never before shown any signs of going in this direction, and this album is AWFUL. (Well, I only got as far as track 2 before deleting the mp3s and listening to 'Other Way Out' instead)
No-one should judge their older stuff by this record, there is no resemblance.