Thursday, 3 June 2010

Review - Curry & Coco - Sex Is Fashion (Single)

Curry & Coco - Sex Is Fashion (Single)

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2 out of 10

I seriously hope this record is joke. If it is it isn’t very funny. There’s an episode of Flight Of The Conchords where the duo get addicted to hairgel (come on, it’s happened to all of us) & they play a song about fashion. Imagine that but not an affectionate pastiche & really, really shitty.

It’s like a 36 bit platform-er where the aim is to become the hippest peacock in all of Camden by insulting the style impaired. Actually that sounds kind of cool, this single isn’t. Arrogant & abrasive without the balls to back it up.

I will say if B side ’Who’s Next’ was instrumental I’d probably really dig it. Same for the remixes, largely removing the easy to hate, fake bratty vocals improves the track immeasurably.

Maybe I’m totally missing something here. But I’m pretty sure this is the worst thing I’ve heard, maybe not ever, but in a pretty long while.


1. Sex Is Fashion
2. Who’s Next
3. Sex Is Fashion (The Emperor Machine Extended Vocal Mix)
4. Sex Is Fashion (Fulgeance Remix)

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Jooly Elan said...

That might help suppress the desire to have actual sex outside the relationship. Phone Sex